Our Team

MARXCRAFT founder and Managing Director, Will Marx has over 20 years experience in furniture making, interior fit-out and management in Australia and overseas.

MARXCRAFT has assembled a diverse and skilled team of designers, craftsmen and managers. In house experience includes furniture and interior design, solid timber forming and finishing, high-end cabinetry, quality polishing, CAD design, upholstery, project management and administration.

Management is closely bound to the workshop floor hence every member of the team is engaged in and understands the work at hand. The person who designs your piece of furniture is involved in making that piece of furniture; our passionate team care about the products that we produce and the people we serve.

We understand that suppliers and sub contractors are also members of our team. Transport providers, wood-turners, stone masons, electricians, glaziers and welders all supply services and components that contribute to our ability to make the finest furniture. This is why we value and build strategic partnerships that result in our well established network of reputable furniture industry suppliers, ensuring quality, timely results for your project.